Many of us seasoned Control Mastery trained therapists have decided to join together to create a 501(c3) non-profit organization. It is called the International Control Mastery Therapy Center (CMTCenter). Our goal is to help disseminate the theories of Control Mastery Theory (CMT) worldwide.
We invite you to affiliate with us. We believe that the more people and centers focused on sharing CMT, the better. Anyone who wishes to join our endeavor is welcome. There are no dues or requirements for membership. One can maintain any other previous affiliations!
Our plans include offering trainings and conferences worldwide. We hope to offer training opportunities for all disciplines as well as referral options for receiving CMT on a sliding scale. As an affiliation group we can offer postdoctoral opportunities, MFT internships and psychological assistantships across the bay. Of course we will continue to party with our mambos and sambas.
We intend this endeavor to add to the options currently available to those of us committed to teaching CMT. Perhaps we may co-sponsor activities with like minded organizations such as SFPRG.
If you too are interested in expanding training opportunities and would like to participate, simply reply to: Info
Let us know if you want to:

        • Teach locally or abroad
        • Attend our colloquium
        • Offer full or sliding scale therapy
        • Supervise a student or intern
        • Suggest a workshop or conference you’d like offer.
        We will help you to make it happen. We look forward to seeing you at our initial town hall meeting to create our charter.

Founding organizing committee

  • David Becker, MD, MFT
  • Jessica Broitman, PhD
  • Gena Castro Rodriguez, PsyD
  • Jack Davis, PhD
  • Carol Drucker, PhD
  • Jane Dulay, MD
  • Jamie Edmund, PhD
  • John Gualtieri, PdD
  • Elayne Lansford, PhD
  • Casi Kushel, MFT
  • Ginger Rhodes, PhD
  • Tim Lewis, PhD
  • Dag Oulie, MD
  • Barbara Sapienza, PhD
  • Peter Schumacher, MFT
  • Victoria de Santos Mycue, LMFT, ATR-BC, PsyD
  • Patsy Wood, PhD
  • Tor Sletten, PhD